Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Really Won the First Debate?

There are some honest pundits dissecting the Debate and giving honest opinions on who the clear winner was. Then there is the Left, who are peeping their pants in excitement and spewing the false reality that the Obamessiah beat the crap out of John McCain.

I say, step back from the politics of what was said, and look at the big picture.

Who spoke with conviction, based on experience, not hubris?

Who had details defined in their answers?

Who actually appeared to know what they were talking about?

Who was the clear leader in defining their answers? And who was just spewing their talking points?

Most Americans are looking for answers for their concerns, not empty rhetoric. Most Americans are looking for the person that appears to have the answers, detailed answers.

If you look at the debate from that point of view, John McCain clearly won.

Mr Minority