Thursday, May 15, 2008

Surprised? Not Really

So, the Silky Pony, John Edwards, came out and endorsed the Obamessiah, no big surprise.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- It would have meant more in February or March, but John Edwards' endorsement of Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination was welcomed nonetheless by a politician eager to turn the page.


"We are here tonight because the Democratic voters have made their choice, and so have I," Edwards said to thunderous applause. He said Obama "stands with me" in a fight to cut poverty in half within 10 years, a claim Obama confirmed moments later.

Edwards told the rally that "we must come together as Democrats" to defeat Republican John McCain in November.

Let me interpret Edwards' statement for you: "I am a power hungry Donk media whore and will do anything to get back into the limelight, even if that means I have to come out supporting someone that I castigated for months. I am currently out of a job and will kiss Obama's ass, feet or any part of his anatomy just to get a chance at the VP spot. Pay attention to me!"

We ll there you go, no big surprise that Edwards endorsed Obama, Edwards sold his soul to the devil decades ago, so why wouldn't he endorsed the Obamessiah?

Mr Minority

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