Friday, January 11, 2008

Yep, It is American

I ran across this article by a liberal Aussie eco-freak, titled "It's huge, it's aggressive, it's American and it's over here". And what is she whining about? The Hummer!
AS A complete urbanite who has lived in inner-city Melbourne for many years, I have observed the growth of the four-wheel-drive phenomenon. As the number of four-wheel-drives on the road has increased, the size of each individual vehicle appears to have grown as well.

But there is no vehicle as aggressive, as ostentatious or as conceited as the Hummer.

My long dislike of four-wheel-drives generally, and Hummers especially, was reignited recently as I rode down Swan Street, Richmond. Plastered on the corner of Swan and Hoddle streets, next to Richmond train station, was a massive billboard advertising Hummer's new range.

The advertisement — which has also recently featured in The Age online — consists of an extreme close-up of a bumper bar, shot from below as though the car is about to run over the photographer (and therefore, by extension, the viewer of the photograph). The tagline for the billboard campaign is "Now get lost".

She goes on to whine about the environment and how the "petro-guzzling" Hummer is bad for trees, birds and fuzzy little animals. But after reading her screed against 4x4s and the Hummer, I came to realize, that the Hummer is a great symbol of America.

Like the Hummer, America is big, bold and intimidating, and there is nothing wrong with that, that is the way were are, and we earned it. Also like the Hummer, America is luxurious, we are the richest nation in the world, but we also worked hard for it, it wasn't given to us, and we didn't inherit it, blood, sweat and tears went into our country, our technology and our economy. And like the Hummer, America is passive, until you piss us off, then we easily roll right over your ass without spilling our coffee.

Yes, the Hummer is a great symbol of America, a lot of nations and people don't like it or us, but then again, like Hummer drivers, do we really care?

Mr Minority