Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa - The Results Are In and it is Finally Over

If you haven't heard, Huckabee and Obama are the big winners in Iowa.

Here is the final results:


Barack Obama: (37.58%)
John Edwards: (29.75%)
Hillary Clinton: (29.47%)
Bill Richardson: (2.11%)
Joe Biden: (0.93%)
Uncommitted: (0.14%)
Chris Dodd: (0.02%)


Mike Huckabee: 39,814 (34.6%)
Mitt Romney: 28,367 (24.7%)
Fred Thompson: 15,521 (13.5%)
John McCain: 15,248 (13.3%)
Ron Paul: 11,598 (10.1%)
Rudy Giuliani: 4,013 (3.5%)
Duncan Hunter: 515 (0%)

A couple of interesting observations: Thompson beat McCain, Uncommitted beat Chris Dodd (which I think is funny), and Rue Paul beat Guiliani.

Hillary took a nice beating coming in third, but she is not worried, because the next one is NH, which is Hillary country. It appears that the Silky Pony Edwards was able to sell his snake oil to the sheeple and finished just ahead of the Ice Queen, which is going to make the next month real interesting as the Clinton Machine reaches into the Dirty Playbook and starts slinging major mud. For the rest of the Donks: Dodd, Biden, Richardson and Uncommitted need to drop out, and hopefully soon because, come on, admit it, they are embarrassing to the Party.

On the Republicans side, I think this may be Huckabee's few top finishes, because I believe the rest of the country is smart enough to look past the "Christian" exterior to find a liberal hiding on the inside. Romney will hold up, Guiliani is not dead and McCain and Fred are still alive. Rue Paul will hang in there, despite a continuing low percentage, because he is crazy.

Thank God it is over, and we can get onto bigger and better things, like the rest of the country.

Mr Minority