Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If You Can't Face the Truth, Then Deny It

No, I am not talking about Huckabee and Obama supporters denying that their candidate did not come in 1st yesterday in NH. I am talking about Ron Paul and his crazy supporters denying what was written in his news letters over the last 20 years. His old news letters are full of racist and anti-semitic statements, support for Klanner David Duke, the PLO and various other conspiracy theory garbage.

A lot of these news letters were brought to the the blogospheres attention months ago by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, but yesterday James Kirchick of The New Republic published an article on Ron Paul and his news letters (I know, it's TRN, host of the Bagdad Bullshitter, but facts are facts).

Here is an the audio of John Gibson interviewing Kirchick on this:

But the worst part of this whole story is not what Paul wrote, but is what Paul and his supporters responses were. Paul claims that he didn't write those articles, and didn't know what was in them, even though they were in a news letter with HIS name on the banner and published by him. Check out Ace's great job of ridiculing Paul's response.

And as for the Pauliacs responses, check out some of the comments on the posting at Hot Air. They are full of denial, bloviating, changing of the subject, and impossible requests for positive proof.

What it boils down to is, even if Ron Paul did not write that racist pape, it was written under his banner in his news letter, and he was responsible for what is written in his name. Personally I believe he did write some of it, and approved all of it.

Ron Paul is not a Republican, he is an anti-semitic kook, a racist, a conspiracy nut and an extremist libertarian that just happens to have a "R" next to his name. And his supporters are generally not any better.

Mr Minority