Thursday, November 29, 2007

Texas' Self-Defense Law

Liberals coddle criminals, deem them poor misunderstood creatures whose past childhood drove them into a life of crime. I believe that is a load of BULLSHIT!

America is being overran by those that feel they can take your property, rape you or assault you with no consequences, and Americans are getting tired of this and want to protect themselves. And the best way to protect yourself, family and property is by the use of a gun.

Texas now has a Self-Defense Law which allows you to use deadly force to protect yourself, your property and your neighbor's property if need be. This new law is going to be tested by this gentleman:
HOUSTON -- The cha-chick of a shell entering a shotgun's chamber rattled through the 911 line just before Joe Horn stepped out his front door.

Horn, 61, had phoned police when he saw two men break into his neighbor's suburban Houston home through a window in broad daylight. Now they were getting away with a bag of loot.

"Don't go outside the house," the 911 operator pleaded. "You're going to get yourself shot if you go outside that house with a gun. I don't care what you think."

"You want to make a bet?" Horn answered. "I'm going to kill them."

He did.

Admirers, including several of his neighbors, say Horn is a hero for killing the burglars, protecting his neighborhood and sending a message to would-be criminals. Critics call him a loose cannon. His attorney says Horn just feared for his life.

Prosecuting Horn could prove difficult in Texas, where few people sympathize with criminals and many have an almost religious belief in the right to self-defense. The case could test the state's self-defense laws, which allow people to use deadly force in certain situations to protect themselves, their property and their neighbors' property.

Three cheers for Mr Horn, there are two less goblins to ply their criminal ways on other law abiding citizens.

Mr Minority

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