Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Drunkenness = Stupid Decisions

We all know someone that was drunk and made a stupid decision, it is part of being drunk. But sometimes the drunk goes beyond making a dumb decision, especially when the cops are involved. Say like been drunk and trying to outrun the cops....on a riding lawnmower!
MARTINSBURG, W.Va. -- A man accused of drunken driving tried to outrun the police but his vehicle wasn't up to the task.

Michael Ginevan of Bunker Hill was driving a riding lawnmower on Runnymeade Road about a mile from his home when a Berkeley County sheriff's deputy attempted to pull him over. Ginevan, 39, allegedly sped away and Deputy J.H. Jenkins stopped his cruiser and gave chase on foot, according to magistrate court records.

Jenkins caught up to the lawnmower after a short chase but Ginevan allegedly wouldn't stop so the deputy pulled him off the machine. Ginevan refused to take a field sobriety test and was arrested. Jenkins then found a case of beer strapped to the lawnmower's front, court records show.

With a case of beer strapped to the front!

There is no way someone can make this up, reality trumps fiction every time.

Mr Minority