Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yeeeeah, Riiiight and Area 51 is REAL!

Wow, the CIA releases some old documents about all the bad things they did decades ago, and the loonies come out of the woodwork.
The dirty tricks the CIA acknowledges committing in the so-called “Family Jewels” papers represent the tip of a sinister iceberg, according to a former Fort Dix military instructor.

Former U.S. Army Reserve Capt. Marjorie Lorsbach says secret government operatives are using weaponized nanotechnology to punish her for the transsexual surgery she underwent in the 1980s.

Lorsbach said secret enclaves of the federal government are using nano-poisons to harass and even assassinate members of unpopular minority groups and other political nonconformists.

“These nano-devices have literally exploded in my face and are part of a heinous and covert program of extra judicial killings within the United States,” said Lorsbach, a retired teacher.

Let me get this straight, Capt. Lorsbach had a sex change operation, so the Army retaliated by contracting the CIA to "explode" in his/her face little nano-devices. But she/he never said it did to him/her. Did these little nano-bots turn him/her into a hideous monster with no brain (i.e.: turn him/her into a Democrat)? Nah, he/she was probably already one. Did they turn him/her into a newt? Newts can't teach, so that's not it. I know, they turned him/her into a Leftarded teacher, one that shoves his/her socialist gay agenda down the throats of innocent children. Can't be that either, because there are too many of those kinds in the system and not enough nano-bots.

So it boils down to, I don't believe a damn he/she says because she/he is a fruitcake with an axe to grind with the Army. But then again she/he could really be a Leftarded Newt, and I am just wrong.

Mr Minority

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