Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Assault by Catfish

Get into a fight with your friend, get very, very angry, throw a catfish at him, which just happens to stick in his back.
DESTIN, Fla. -- A fight between two Destin friends ended painfully for one man when he was stabbed with a fish.

Police said one of the men threw a catfish at his 22-year-old friend Monday during the argument.

The fins went in about three-quarters of an inch and stuck in the unidentified man's back.

Lifeguards cut the fish away and the victim was taken to a hospital. His condition was not reported.

Who hasn't wanted to throw a dead animal at someone. A toad, a rabbit or even a prairie dog would make good projectiles to throw when angry. In fact I keep a couple of dead porcupines in my car just for those overly obnoxious drivers that tend to swerve into my lane.

I want to know what the guy that was stabbed is going to tell his grandkids when they ask. Will he admit that he was stabbed by a catfish, or would he come up with an elaborate lie? If this guy is a Donk, he will definitely lie and make up a story.

Mr Minority

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