Friday, July 13, 2007

As If They Used It In The First Place

The UK Gov't is thinking about doing away with the broadcasting "impartiality" rule. And get this, they want to do away with it to attract "younger" viewers.
London ( - The British government is considering dropping "impartiality" requirements for television news in order to attract younger and more diverse viewers.

Impartiality has been a longtime requirement for public broadcasters in the United Kingdom, as well as for other channels licensed in Britain. But the country's official media regulator, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), says this may change.

Currently, the Broadcasting Code says that news broadcasts must not favor one side or the other on a particular issue. While this does not mean that "an equal division of time has to be given to every view" possible, it does mean that "undue prominence" must be not given to any one view or person, according to the code.

Answer me this: How can you drop a requirement, when that requirement has not been in use for a long time? All you have to do is review the Beeb's programming on the War in Iraq or last summer's Israeli/Hezzie war to see that they never reported the news with anything close to impartiality.

No, I think they want to drop it because they know that there has been no impartial broadcasting from their networks for decades and why have a rule if it is ignored by all.

Impartiality, what a joke and it is not something you mention in the same sentence as any news organization, especially any British or American news.

Mr Minority