Monday, May 21, 2007

Think Again Pinheads

The medieval palewhinians may have modern weapons, but they don't have modern brains. They thought that they had pull a big coup on the Israelis by capturing some reconnaissance balloons, when in fact all they had captured are some kids helium balloons.
When the children of Kiryat Shemona in northern Israel released helium balloons inscribed with the words, "We Want Messiah Now," they probably never imagined where they might end up.

The Arab television station Al Manar showed Hezbollah terrorists proudly displaying their captured loot. While Al Manar reported the children's balloons were sophisticated Israeli reconnaissance equipment, in fact they were emblazoned with a message they would find repugnant.

When the station finally figured out what the messianic message was, the report was quickly pulled – but not before it was captured for the world to see – first on Israeli television and now for everyone.

You can give a barbarian an AK-47 and rockets, but he still acts and thinks like a barbarian.

Mr Minority