Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Have a Sense of Humor and Get Fined

Imagine you are a cop making a big drug bust on some Hell's Angels Meth cookers. Isn't this a great time to put on a "I Heart Gay Porn" screen background on their computer? I think so, but the city of Edmonton doesn't.
A contrite city cop must cough up 20 hours of overtime pay for some cheeky antics during a raid on a city home last year.

Const. Christa Pennie went on a computer at the home and downloaded a desktop background that read "I (love) Gay Porn," according to agreed facts filed at her disciplinary hearing.

She also put a gargoyle figurine in the freezer with dental floss in its mouth, and put dental floss and a knife in the mouth of another figurine.

Now come on, it's funny, but then again when was the last time you heard of a Canadian city official having a sense of humor?

But the big questions is: What's up with the gargoyle with dental floss in it's mouth? Is there some strange symbolism that I don't get or was she just doing her best with the materials at hand?

Cost of Bust - Thousands

Cost of Attorney's fees - 10s of thousands

Cost of the look on that big burly biker's face when he saw a "I Heart Gay Porn" background - Priceless!

Mr Minority

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