Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Did You Expect? The Fwench are Being Fwench

The goodwill between Fwance and the US, because of the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, won't last long, if the appointing a rapid anti-American Commie to be his Foreign Minister is any indication of thing to come.
Nicolas Sarkozy, the right-wing reformer who becomes French President on Wednesday, upset both the United States and his opponents yesterday by offering the job of Foreign Minister to a Socialist veteran with anti-American credentials.

Hubert Védrine, 59 — a former senior aide to the late President Mitterrand — who served as Foreign Minister from 1997 to 2002, was considering the proposal yesterday.

The prospect of Mr Védrine running foreign policy has infuriated the beleaguered Socialists and amazed the diplomatic world because he is the architect of a doctrine for containing what he called the abusive “steamroller” of American power. His views on “the hyperpower” — the term that he coined in the 1990s — would appear to conflict with Mr Sarkozy’s pro-Atlantic views.

Oh Well, it's business as usual with Fwench, whine, whine, whore, whore, Hate America, surrender, surrender, back-stab, back-stab and bend over for any Jew Hating Middle Eastern nation.

Mr Minority