Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bust Me! Bust Me! Please Bust Me!

Holding a bunch of heroin, PCP and pot? And want to get busted? Then all you have to do is ram into a cop car!
WETHERSFIELD -- Police have arrested three men who rammed a police cruiser with their pickup truck early this morning and then led officers on a chase while they dumped sandwich bags of heroin from their window, police said.

The chase started at 12:35 a.m. today at an apartment complex on Folly Brook Boulevard where officers had responded to a complaint of an erratic vehicle, said Lt. Mark Poisson.

When the officer pulled up to the spot where the Nissan pickup truck had parked, Spyke pulled forward and drove into the cruiser, Poisson said.

The truck then fled, leading officers on a chase that started on side streets in Wethersfield and Hartford and continued on I-91 and Route 9, he said.

Officers found small amounts of PCP, heroin and marijuana in the car, Poisson said.

High on heroin, blazed on PCP and stoned on pot and they are driving around in a truck? And then ram a cop car? And then lead the cops on a high speed chase? Stupid does no justice to the actions of these morons.

I bet they lose their buzz when they get raped in jail. Oh, well.

Mr Minority

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