Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Christian Bashing Cartoons From Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, the Baby Killing organization, isn't happy with the "abstinence" program, so they whipped up a cartoon with a Superhero, that trashes Christians!
An online animated video sponsored by Planned Parenthood's San Francisco-area branch features a superhero character drowning an abstinence promoter in a trash can and blasting into oblivion several pro-life picketers protesting in front of one of the organization's facilities.

The eight-minute "A Superhero for Choice," posted on the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate website, has a bespectacled black woman in San Francisco morphing into a red-suited flying enforcer, bent on making the world safe for the organization's values.

Viewers see three teenagers talking with an ugly green-faced man sporting a top hat and bow tie who tries to tell the kids abstinence is the only sure way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. The teen girl rebuts the man, naming several birth-control methods.

Retorts the little green man: "Those are instruments from the devil's toolbox!"

The superhero arrives in time to fill a trash can with water and dump the pro-abstinence character into it, slamming the cover down. After the man's muffled voice eventually dies off, the superhero tosses the teens a "safe sex kit," reminding the kids: "Safe is sexy!"

The "Superhero for Choice," dubbed Dianisis, next confronts a group of protesters in front of a Planned Parenthood facility. They, too, are ugly and have green faces, carrying signs that say, "Pray for thy sins."

The superhero character uses a "condom gun" that catches each protester in a prophylactic bubble, which subsequently explodes. Though she admits the protesters have a First Amendment right to picket, she glories in the fact that people can now visit the Planned Parenthood facility unimpeded.

The flying superhero then travels to Washington, D.C., where she puts a giant condom on the Washington Monument and confronts a Southern senator who is stricken with "misinformed conservatism."

The woman's final stop is a village in Africa, where she talks to a doctor working to stem HIV/AIDS and to make sure "every child is a wanted child." The superhero remarks before leaving: "I have an appointment with the Rev. Jerry Falwell – that schmuck."

Planned Parenthood hates the idea of abstinence for several reasons. First because it WORKS!! And second, if girls practice abstinence, there is no chance of them getting pregnant, and if they aren't pregnant, they can't get an abortion. This cartoon shows how low they will stoop to corrupt the youth of America, and it also shows their hatred of Christians. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are the most morally corrupt organizations in America today, and both of their goals are to push their morally corrupt values on America. It is very sad that they would make such a cartoon to trash Christians and corrupt young girls, but as a Christian, all I can do is pray for them, and expect them to fry in Hell come Judgment Day.

Mr Minority