Saturday, August 06, 2005

Poor John Roberts

President Bush's SCOTUS nominee John G. Roberts is receiving unprecedented scrutinization from all side. The conservatives are worrying whether Roberts will be conservative enough. The recent revelation that Roberts had actually worked on a case defending the pro-gay side, has them worried. But it the Left, that has been causing the problems with their undeserved dirt digging and inflamed rhetoric.

The Left's obsession that Roberts would overturn Roe vs Wade has the Left's leather thongs all twisted up in their butt-cracks. They feel that their right to kill babies is the greatest litmus test that Roberts needs to pass, and it will be in the forefront of their questioning of him in the Senate Committee. But the paranoiac accusation don't stop there, they have to throw out the "race" card and cast aspersions on Robert's commitment to Civil Rights. The second most important issue that worries the Left is Roberts' opinion of Judicial Activism, which he opposes. Since the Left thrives on judges legislating from the bench, because that is the only way that they can push their agenda into fruition, they worry that Roberts would overturn the judges that they have painstakingly groomed. Yes, the Left is very worried, and they will dig deep to find dirt on Roberts to be able to Bork him.

But in their digging for dirt, the Left's tool, the NY Slimes, has gone past the lowest level of decency and has stooped as low as to be snooping into the adoption of Roberts' children. They can question his views, but to dig into the adoption of his children, pales beyond compare. The NY Slimes and the Left need to be held accountable for this gross intrusion into the private life of Judge Roberts and his children. The Left and their tools, the MSM, have no decency, no morals, no values, and to them anything is acceptable to stop a conservative from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. It is going to get nastier as we approach the hearing date, and watch for a high level of rhetoric and lies to be squealed from the mouths of the Donks, on and off the committee.

I pity John Roberts for having to suffer the insane scrutiny that the Donks are going to place upon him. Because Roberts is a very decent gentleman, a conscience Judge, a honorable American and a good candidate for the Supreme Court, and he shouldn't have to suffer fools and children like the Donks.

Mr Minority