Sunday, August 07, 2005

Intelligent Design vs Evolution

The Secular Humanists are fighting hard not to include Intelligent Design in any public schools science courses. They feel that their pet theory of Evolution is the only plausible answer and that any other theory is hogwash. But now a lot of parents want Intelligent Design to be taught in schools and the Evolutionists are fighting based on emotions not logic. As is in this case in Colorado Springs.
When Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs reviewed its science curriculum two years ago, parent Steve Cary wanted it to include the concept of intelligent design.

That didn't sit well with Ann Elrod, president of the school board.

"I think intelligent design can be taught in the classroom," Elrod said. "It can't be taught in the classroom as science theory."

Why do these secular humanists think that Intelligent Design is not science, but their theory of evolution is? If it is based on Evolution is the most popular theory, then so was the Flat Earth theory back in the Dark Ages. If it is based on Evolution being the most logical explanation, that is where they are wrong. Evolution assumes that a chance combination of chemicals led to the beginning of life, as where Intelligent Design believes that the combination was not by chance but directed by a Higher Being. For the chemicals that make up a single strand of DNA to randomly, by chance, combine and those strands of DNA combine into a single cell that be called living, would be like 1,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica, with each letter being an specific part of the DNA, to randomly line up EXACTLY to create a single DNA and those DNA to align EXACTLY. Their Theory is just that a theory, with no proof or data to back it up. Just as Intelligent Design is theory with a higher plausible answer than Evolution, and that is what upsets the Evolutionists. And when you bring in the idea of a Higher Power that has purposely created life, into the theory, it sends these Evolutionists over the edge. The Evolutionists are fighting hard and playing dirty to keep their pet theory as the only explanation for the creation of life, and anything else, especially one that has God involved, is ridiculed as junk, where their theory is REALLY junk compared to Intelligent Design. This is another long series of battles that the Left and Secular Humanists are fighting in America to bring everyone down to their level, and it is one that Christians must fight. I suggest you read more on Intelligent Design and the odds of Evolution truly happening, so you can make an intelligent opinion and not a defensive emotional one like the Left.

Mr Minority