Friday, July 29, 2005

How Can Muslims Say That They Are Against Terrorism When Their Leaders Are Not?

There are some Muslim organizations that now coming out and denouncing Islamic Terrorists, but then you have diplomatic leaders from Muslim nations that will NOT admit that suicide bombers are Terrorists or that it is wrong to kill innocent people in the name of religion.
Islamic United Nations representatives blocked an attempt to have the world body condemn killing in the name of religion.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union said it submitted the request to the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva in response to moves by Islamic clerics to legitimize the current wave of terror attacks.

IHEU representative David Littman tried to deliver a prepared text in the names of three international NGOs – the Association for World Education, the Association of World Citizens and the IHEU – but was blocked by the "heavy-handed intervention" of Islamic representatives of the panel.

Littman said that after repeated interruptions, he was unable to complete his speech.

The Muslims members said they saw the text as an attack on Islam.

Roy Brown, president of IHEU, said the censorship is "part and parcel of the refusal by the Islamic representatives at the U.N. to condemn the suicide bombers, or to accept any criticism of those who kill innocent people in the name of God."

The are peaceful and human Muslims that condemn Islamic terrorism, but how can we Westerners accept Islam as being the "Religion of Peace" when Islamic Nations will NOT accept killing in the name of Allah as being an act of terrorism? This is wrong! And until the "peaceful" Muslim revolt against those that advocate violence and killing in the name of Allah, we will always be suspicious of all Muslims, and have a valid reason for racially profiling them.

Mr Minority