Thursday, July 28, 2005

American Civil Liberties Union

After reading the name American Civil Liberties Union, you would think that this is an organization whose purpose it is to fight for and protect the Civil Liberties of the American public. But that would the wrong assumption, because the ACLU is NOT about protecting our Civil Liberties, it is about pushing forward THEIR ideas of which Civil Liberties that need to be protected and what THEIR definition of Civil Liberties are.

You never hear about the ACLU coming to the aid of Gun Owners and their fight against draconian Gun Control Laws, you never hear about the ACLU coming to the aid of those that are getting their private property absconded by the Gov't, and you never hear about the ACLU coming to the aid of the anti-Abortionists whose 1st Amendment rights are being trampled by the Baby Killing Left. And you never will, because the ACLU is not about protecting us against Gov't intrusion on our lives, it's about their anti-American Socialist agenda, it's about removing Christianity from all public places, it's about trying to exterminate a great moral organization, the Boy Scouts, and it's about reducing the morals of America to that of Europe.

So when Average Joe or Jane American hear the name "American Civil Liberties Union" they think that "here is someone that will help keep me safe from the Gov't", when in fact they should be thinking "here is someone trying to snuff out my freedoms and values, and change the Gov't to socialism".

Wake Up Joe and Jane American! Before you find out the hard way that the ponytailed, birkenstock wearing, hippie, ACLU lawyer really wants to be a jackboot wearing, black uniform clothed Commissar who gets to tell you what you can do, where you can live and if you don't like it, send you off to the Gulag!!

Mr Minority