Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Donk Confab on "What We Stand For"

The Donks are always trying to get their act together, so they have these little Donk get-togethers to spew ideas at each other and make themselves feel good. The latest one was in Columbus, Ohio.
(CNSNews.com) - The Democratic Leadership Council, which describes itself as a centrist group, is holding a "national conversation" on what the party should stand for.

The meeting in Columbus, Ohio, began on Saturday and winds up Monday with a speech from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the not-yet-running-for-president candidate.

"At a time when Washington remains gripped in partisan warfare based on the Bush administration's narrow and ideologically driven agenda, it's a good time for Democrats to look beyond the Beltway and talk honestly with each other about what we should stand for," the DLC said in a press release.

"That will be the primary purpose of the DLC 2005 National Conversation," it added.

The DLC said those challenges include:

-- Creating an opportunity society to restore economic growth, upward mobility and economic security;

-- Standing up for American values and for the parents who play so important a role in protecting them;

-- Reforming our broken political system, especially in Washington.

"It is our hope that the discussions begun in Columbus will be an important part of the Democratic Party revival of the immediate future," the group said in a press release.

Let me debunk their little list:
- "Creating an opportunity society to restore economic growth, upward mobility and economic security;" - Excuse me Donkey-poos, but our economy is the best he has been in over a decade, and it waaaay better than when the last Donk was in office.

- "Standing up for American values and for the parents who play so important a role in protecting them;" - You really mean standing up for relativists values, anti-Christian values, and socialist values, you don't mean real American values.

- "Reforming our broken political system, especially in Washington." - You feel that the system is broken, because you are not in power. And in fact if you look closely, your party is the one that has been playing obstruction games, messing with the Senate conformation process, and playing little political games to try and dirty your opponents.

You Donks don't need to get together to try and figure out what you stand for, I can give you a list right now.

You Donks Stand For:
- The brutal killing of a baby in the third trimester
- The raising of taxes on everybody to pay for every idiot social program you can think of
- NOT our Troops
- The removal of God from any public venue
- Socialized Medicine so we will experience a drastic reduction in the quality and availability of healthcare
- Same Sex Marriage to degrade American values
- Political Correctness, same as limited Free Speech
- Massive Gun Control Laws, so there will be nothing left of the 2nd Amendment
- The Gov't having total control over the education of our children, so they will grow up spouting YOUR agenda
- Embryonic Stem Cell Research, while ignoring all the breakthroughs being done in ADULT Stem Cell Research
- The total revision of history so our Founding Fathers are turned into jackboot thugs
- Muslims, but not Christians or Jews

Yes, you Donks do stand for something, but it's not what America needs or wants. So keep having your confabs, but leave the rhetoric for your Kool-aid drinking drones, we aren't buying it.

Mr Minority