Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Deaths of the Pope, and Terri Schaivo

What do they have in common? I haven't said anything about them... yet. I have been quiet on these two people's deaths because there have been so many opinions being thrown around, that I felt that I would just be another blogger spewing words and lost in the fray. Well now I felt led to speak my mind on these two people and what their deaths mean to me.

The Pope John Paul II

I am not a Roman Catholic, never have been and never plan on being one, but I do have an opinion on Pope John Paul and on his passing. this Pope was probably the best Pope that the Catholic Church has every had. He truly was a great man, in his actions and his words. Yes, there were times when I disagreed with what he said, but his heart was right and he did seek to do God's will. His seeking peace with the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Jews were one of the greatest act that he made towards reconciliation in the world, and he should be remembered as a Pope for Peace. I am sorry to see that he passed away, because he will be sorely missed and he DID have an impact on the world. It is going to be tough for the next Pope to fill his shoes, and I don't think the next one can.

Terri Schaivo

The killing of Terri Schaivo was a tragedy of inhumane proportions. Her husband in my opinion was slime and was only doing it to get rid of her. But I also am appalled at the media circus that gathered to watch her die. Jesse Jackson nauseated me with his seeking of attention, the Donks nauseated me with their indifference to human life, and the Court systems nauseated me with their casual inhuman decisions to let her die. If it was truly her wish to die, then I am glad she got her wish, but if it wasn't, she was killed by her husband, the Courts and the Donks and they need to made to pay. Her slow starvation has divided America, again, but in way that I don't think will heal too quickly. When a defenseless woman's life is decided by a selfish husband, an activist judge and death loving Donks, then America is in need of a good purging, because this is not what we are about. America is about defending the weak, infirmed, the elderly, unborn babies and enslaved, and when we don't defend them, then America has lost it's backbone, moral values and honor. It's time we regain our honor and values, and start defending these people, no matter the cost, the courts or the Gov't, because if we don't, we may be next to come under this kind of judgment.

Both the Pope and Terri Schaivo's death happened this week and both WILL have an impact on our lives, and may we learn a lesson.

Mr Minority