Friday, July 13, 2007

Suuuure, He is a Perfect Little Angel

Remember that story I posted about the screaming brat that was so bad that the plane was forced to land and kick the Mom and brat off of the plane? Well, Mom and the Devil's Spawn were on Good Morning American telling her side of the story, and the brat acted as expected.
NEW YORK -- The Gwinnett County mother kicked off an airplane with her 19-month old son tried to tell her side of the story Friday morning, but her son's crying and whining drowned out the interview.

Garren Penland, 19-months old, got so unruly during his mom's chat with 'Good Morning America' anchor Diane Sawyer, co-anchor Chris Cuomo had to take the toddler off the set.

While Kate Penland explained her child was well-behaved on the Continental Express flight, little Garren kicked, wiggled and squirmed out of his mother's arms.

At one point he climbed up on a coffee table and rifled through Sawyer's scripts.

When Sawyer handed him a model Space Shuttle to distract him, Garren flung it to the ground.

Way to go Mom, trying to drum up sympathy for yourself by taking the little anti-Christ along with you to be on TV, was not the best plan. And try suing the airlines, now that they have video proof that your son is Satan incarnate.

Your son is a brat, try administering discipline before your take him out in public again.

Mr Minority