Monday, November 08, 2010

Something to Think About

RWR posted a comment on my "Who is to Blame for the Mess We Are In? And the Future" post, and it gave me something to think about (Thanks RWR!!).

Would we be in to same situation if Johnny McRINO had won the presidency?

Actually I don't believe we would have, and I also don't believe we would had as great a take over of the House we had.

Say anything you want about John McCain (pro-amnesty, kisses Dems...), he is at least fiscally conservative, thus I don't see the US being in as deep in debt as Obama has driven us. I don't believe he would have passed ObamaCare of the pork laden Stimulus or the Bank Bailouts which is driving us deeper into the shithole.

But then again we wouldn't have the rise of the TEA Party and the angry American public that the ObamaReidNancy regime has created. And this angry American Public just kick some serious Donk ass, and put Obama on notice (as if if the moron will listen).

So it boils down to America is in a financial shithole, our Constitutional Liberties are being assaulted, but we now have an American Public that is ignoring the Donk butt-kissing MSM, and is fed up with the way things are being handled in DC and will be very aware of what will be happening there over the next two years.

An awaken American Public is a great thing, because now we have an politically aware constituency that will be fighting Obama and the erosion of its rights.

Mr Minority

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