Friday, October 22, 2010

Who is to Blame for the Mess We Are In? And the Future

Since the election of B. Hussein Obama as President, I have been pretty much silent in my blogging. And the reason why is one of DISGUST!

That's right, DISGUST! I was DISGUSTED and disappointed in the American Public.

The American Public, led by the nose by Donk's PR Machine the Lamestream Media, bought hook, line and sinker into the godhood of Obama.

And since the election of Obama, we have seen our nation's Unemployment skyrocket, our National Debt triple, our standing in the world sink, and our foreign policy bow down before and embrace tyrants and leftists.

So who is to blame?

Two groups are really to blame for this mess, 1) The lying lefty biased MSM and 2) the stupidity of the American Public.

Nearly 2 years after the election of Obama, I still am in shock that the American Public bought into his crap, his "Hope & Change" bullshit, and the MSM's blatant bias to elect the 1st Black President.

Just because Obama is Black was no reason to ignore his governing ineptitude, his socialist background or his total lack of experience. But people actually believed that he was the next political messiah, and chose to ignore his vastly significant shortcomings. Thus the American Public and the MSM are to blame for the mess we are in. Lost your job? Blame your neighbor for voting for Obama.

Thank God, this same American Public has shaken off the fairy dust that Obama and MSM has spread around (only after they danced around in glee frolicking with unicorns for a while), has seen that emperor has no clothes, and is trying to change the America's future by ousting the commies in Congress and electing politicians who will take their responsibilities in governing seriously.

The future can go either way, the old Republican Leaders may continue their spineless appeasement to the Dems in the running of Congress, while holding the majority, and ignoring the roars of their constituents. Or they may listen to the new members of Congress, elected by the voters because they are tired of the old ways of governing, and grow some cojones, slash spending, cut waste, and jack up Obama and his czars on his disastrous socialist take over of America.

I can't predict the future, but I hope like hell, that the Republican Leader understands, that it can't be business as usual or they will be a minority party again, and a third party will come forward to take up the mantle of being true conservatives.

Mr Minority

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