Thursday, December 18, 2008

Israel vs the US

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have a great column today stating that Israel and America are on a collision course over what Israel should do with their land to make peace with the palewhinians.
With the election of Obama, the United States has moved dramatically to the left in its foreign policy at just the time that Israel, which seems likely to return Bibi Netanyahu to office in early February, is moving to the right. A collision is almost inevitable.

Caroline Glick, the highly astute conservative columnist for the Jerusalem Post, writes that the "international community" believes that Obama "will move quickly to place massive pressure on the next Israeli government to withdraw from Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights in the interests of advancing a 'peace process' with the Palestinians and the Syrians."

She notes that "people who have been in close contact with Obama's foreign policy transition team have privately acknowledged that the widespread belief that Obama will move swiftly to put the screws on Israel is fully justified. According to one source who has spent a great deal of time with the transition team since last month's U.S. elections, Obama's people are 'scope-locked' on Israel."

The moronic US policy that Israel should trade blood fought land for peace with the Jew hating palewhinians is ludicrous!

That same policy has failed time after time, so why should it work this time?

It won't!!

It is hard to make "peace" with people that want to wipe you out, kill your women and children and push you into the Med. It can't happen, thus why should Obama expect it?

Maybe because his Jew hating palewhinian loving advisers are pushing for it.

I am praying that Bibi Netanyahu is elected as PM and tells Obama to shove his idea up his ass!

Mr Minority

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