Monday, December 15, 2008

Israel is Smarter than the US

The US has it's critics and spewers of hatred against it, and we let these morons into our country, Israel is smarter than that. Some American academia asshole accuses Israel of war crimes then wants to enter their country. They aren't having any of that crap.
( – Israel on Sunday blocked entry to a U.S. scholar and outspoken critic of Israeli policies who in his new capacity of special United Nations investigator last week accused Israel of “war crimes.”

An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman on Monday confirmed the incident, saying Prof. Richard Falk had tried to enter the country without an invitation and had therefore been denied entry.

I say Hooray for Israel, why should they let some anti-Semitic asshole into their country just so he can stir up trouble and spread lies and hate? I say they don't have to and wished that the US had the balls to do the same thing.

Mr Minority