Monday, November 03, 2008

'Twas the Night Before the Election...

And all through the house,
The 'Pubs were panicking,
Even the Mouse.

I am not panicking, because I think it still can be won.

And why do I think this? Because I know the polls are crap (Zogby: Obama +7.1%, Rasmussen: Obama has 52% and Gallup: Obama 55%)

With all the millions, upon millions Obama has spent trying to buy this election, he should be way ahead, but that is not the case.

McCain has inching up, making it virtually dead even.

There is still about 7-8% undecided, which could swing the election either way.

Plus, I haven't resigned to the fact that the American public is stupid enough to elect a lying socialist terrorist lover.

Not yet, at least.

Mr Minority