Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Obama Supporters....

I have received, and I suppose many other RW blogs have, comments claiming the rise of The One.

I won't belittle your claims of joy and exuberance for Obama winning the election. Go ahead and shout it above the roof tops.

But, your claims of joy and jubilation does not exempt you from being kool-aid drinking morons that voted for a America hating, terrorist loving, socialist baby killer.

Remember, you are in the same boat we conservatives are. When Obama drives our economy deeper into a recession, and possible a depression with his socialistic economic policies, you to will be affected. When energy price skyrocket, when the price of gas and food products reach ridiculous levels, remember, you voted him into office, not me.

When your mom tells you, you can't buy pizza anymore, and has to ration the electricity to your basement computer, remember, you are to blame.

So have your time of joy and exaltation, it is yours to enjoy. And when the walls come crashing down, remember he is your false messiah, and he can't save you.

Mr Minority

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