Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Much Change in a Week

I was in Atlanta all last week attending a training class for 12 hours a day. And with a crappy internet connection, I was uninformed about what was happening as far as the election and other news. I even missed the final debate, and didn't see how well McCain slapped Obama around. Catching up on Saturday morning, I was not surprised to find the following:

- The Obama campaign is still lying to the voters.

- The MSM is further in the tank for Obama, ravished some poor guy Joe "The Plumber" while ignoring Obama's ties to crooks, terrorists and ACORN.

- Obama's voter fraud organ, ACORN, continues to register dead people and Disney characters. Now being investigated in more states, and further being ignored by the MSM.

- Colin Powell betrays conservatives and endorses Obama based on his skin color.

Yep, nothing changed.

Mr Minority

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