Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's Talk About Last Night's VP Debate

It was a good debate, and in my opinion the Saracuda won it.

But it was also frustrating to watch.

It was frustrating to watch Greasy Joe lie, time after time, and although Sarah Palin jacked him up a few times, there were so many lies that she couldn't attack them all.

It was also frustrating to watch Obama shrill Gwen Ifill let Joe Biden have the last say on a large majority of the questions.

My wife, who watched with me, made a couple of interesting points. She said although Joe Biden had a nice smile, his eyes were evil. I looked and Biden was smiling that Washington politician smile, but his eyes had the look of a mad dog. As where when you looked into Sarah's eyes, you saw concern and honesty, and she has a beautiful smile.

My wife also asked why we don't hear all about the lies that Obama and Biden are spreading, about their policies and the lies about John McCain. And I had to explain to her that the MSM is so blatantly in the tank for Obama, that you won't hear about these lies, other than on the intertubes.

Sarah Palin held her own, attacked Obama and Biden, made no major gaffes, and had ready answers to the questions.

I thought it was a good debate because America got to see the true Sarah Palin, not the Sarah Palin being ruthlessly attacked by Gibson and Couric in biased interviews and without the heavy editing of her answers.

But if were to listen to the MSM, Biden won. showing us again, that they are trying to win the election for the One.

Mr Minority