Friday, May 23, 2008

What is Truly The Best for America?

Everybody, every political party and every politician has his/her/their idea of what is best for America and Americans.

But what is truly best for America?

Is abortion on demand what is best for American women? Does it help American families?

How about Gay marriages? Where are the statistics proving that Gay marriages help improve America's morality?

Can someone tell me that Political Correctness has improved America, can anyone do that? Has it made us a kinder gentler nation? Or has it made us a dumber, speech limited nation?

The War on Terrorism, does it help America to wage war over seas, against those that want to destroy our civilization, or should we not worry about it until they strike us here at home again?

Is Big Gov't with it's massive budget the best for us, or is a smaller, more restrained Gov't the best?

And Entitlement Programs, do they really help, or do they enable those recipients to live off of the Gov't dole?

Do forced ethanol production help or hinder?

Does limiting domestic oil production help the American public or does it burden Americans with high costs?

Is our dumb downed current education system the best for our kids?

Is allowing millions of ILLEGAL Aliens in our country the best for it? Or is it a burden on American tax payers?

Allowing Gays into our military services, better or worse for America?

These are just some of the questions each Americans should ask themselves, and then research each political candidate, local state and federal and vote for the one that answers the questions as they see it should be answered.

Mr Minority

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