Friday, March 07, 2008

Okay, Enough is Enough!

I agree we shouldn't discriminate against people regardless of race, gender or religion, but some people and the Gov't have taken it way too far. And the FBI is taking it way, way too far in trying to be "sensitive" to Muslims.
The FBI believes its agents still aren't sensitive enough to Muslims and their culture, so the bureau has extended by "a few weeks" its Islamic cultural "enrichment" training program, WND has learned.

During a recent outreach event at a Washington-area mosque, FBI officials also reassured a large turnout of concerned Muslims that the bureau is not profiling Arabs and Muslims for terrorism, and has made investigating alleged "hate crimes" against them and other minorities "the second-highest priority in the criminal division of the FBI."

This is wrong on several levels.

1) Why is the FBI being overly sensitive towards Muslims and worried about "hate crimes" when the number of hate crimes towards Muslims is less than 1/4 of what it is towards Jews. If they are so worried about hate crimes towards religions, then they ought to concentrate protecting the Jews, not Muslims.

2) Not "profiling" Muslims for terrorist activities is also wrong, because if you don't profile Muslims who will you profile? The Swedes? Since 99% of all terrorist acts today are perpetrated by Muslims, why not start with that group?

3) Treating Muslims in a special way is wrong, because it is reverse discrimination. All should be treated equally, no one group should be given special treatment as CAIR and other terrorist loving Muslim groups want.

I am so tired of our Gov't bending over and kissing Islamic ass, it is wrong and demeaning to us as a people. No special treatment for Muslims, just equal treatment.

Mr Minority

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