Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some People Don't Deserve to Live

I know that that is a harsh statement but after watching the local news last night and seeing this story, I have decided that some people are too stupid, and if they are killed in the course of committing a crime, then they don't deserve to live.
A man was critically burned Wednesday after apparently trying to steal copper wiring from an Austin Energy substation.

The clipped wire caused a massive power outage that affected 7,300 customers in East Austin during the afternoon.

Witnesses said the man's clothing caught on fire.

He was trying to steal copper wiring, while it was still hot with high voltage electricity and caught on fire. Now tell me he isn't a moron, and if he dies, that the world isn't a little better off.

I Googled "man electrocuted while stealing copper wire" and got 24,700 hits. So this is not an isolated incident, there are other morons out there trying to do the same thing.

I know it is kind of harsh and lacks compassion saying that the man deserves to die, but any moron that are stupid enough to commit a crime of stealing copper electrical wiring, while there is still electricity running through it, maybe is not a person we want alive and reproducing.

I have stopped being surprised by the stupidity of people, maybe it comes from having to listen to the MSM and Democrats talk all the time.

Mr Minority

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