Friday, February 22, 2008

Are They Really That Stupid?

With sHillary and the Obamassiah debating last night here in Austin, TX naturally they were questioned about the ILLEGAL Alien problem, and naturally they pandered to Hispanics. But sHillary made two separate statements on the issue that are tells me that either she is really stupid or doesn't care about controlling the problem.

First both her and the Obamassiah don't want to secure our borders the easiest way, with a fence.
In a CNN debate in Austin, Texas, Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton agreed Thursday night that the Secure Border Fence Act of 2006, which directs the secretary of Homeland Security to construct 700 miles of double border fencing along specific sections of the U.S.-Mexico border, should not be enforced as written.

"This is an area where Senator Clinton and I almost entirely agree," said Obama. "I think that the key is to consult with local communities, whether it's on the commercial interests or the environmental stakes of creating any kind of barrier."

Worrying about local community and environmental issues is not the brightest way of trying to secure our borders. To secure our border, we need a fence, not just to keep out ILLEGAL Aliens, but also the Islamic Terrorist that can just wonder across it.

After stating that she doesn't want the fence to be built, she then says she wants to use your's and mine taxpayer money to offset the financial burden that the ILLEGAL Aliens, that cross the fenceless border, have on Texas cities.
Arguing that "we need a path to legalization" for illegal aliens to bring them "out of the shadows," Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the federal government should provide more "help" to communities in Texas to cover the health care, education and law enforcement costs incurred by illegal aliens.

Let me get this right, don't build a fence that can stem the tide of ILLEGAL Aliens from coming into our country, but spend billions to counter their burden on us. Is that stupid/liberal thinking or what?

To answer the question - YES! It is!!

Mr Minority

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