Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothing is Going to Change

Big announcement this morning, Commie Castro is stepping aside and letting his brother Raul rule Cuba.
HAVANA (AP) - An ailing Fidel Castro resigned as Cuba's president Tuesday after nearly a half-century in power, saying he was retiring and will not accept a new term when the new parliament meets Sunday.

The announcement effectively ends the rule of the 81-year-old Castro after almost 50 years, positioning his 76-year-old brother Raul for permanent succession to the presidency. Fidel Castro temporarily ceded his powers to his brother on July 31, 2006, when he announced that he had undergone intestinal surgery.


Nothing is changing in that country, all that is happening is one old and decrepit dictator is abdicating and his commie brother is now going to be Demented Dictator of Cuba. The change won't free the people, won't put more food on their tables, nothing that will improve their lives.

SSDD - Same Shit, Different Day for the Cuban people.

Mr Minority