Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ron Paul Spammers Even Have NewsMax Duped

You would think that a conservative Internet news site would be savvy to what is happening on the internet. But NewsMax is tauting the humongous lead Ru Paul, oops that should be Ron Paul, has on internet polls.
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul may be stuck on the "long shot" list as far as the mainstream media is concerned, but hold the phone when it comes to Paul harnessing the raw power of the digital world.

In a CNN telephone poll conducted in February 2007, Paul was the candidate with the least name recognition – running just ahead of John Cox, the Chicago businessman and talk show host.

But the congressman from Texas has a knack for shining on the Internet -- and winning Internet polls. After the New Hampshire Republican debate, for instance, MSNBC polls showed Paul winning 69 percent of the vote from viewers who tapped him as the "best candidate in the debate."

Even though Paul typically polls between one percent and two percent nationally in the race for the GOP nomination, he left the more recent Columbia, S.C., debate ranked second by a Fox News text-message poll.

Don't these intertubes experts know what a spam bot is? The only reason that Paul did so well is because of his loony followers spammed the polls, repeatedly. I don't trust polls, but I would put more faith in the regular polls than I would the internet polls when it came to who won the debates. Paul may have his cult following, but he definitely doesn't have the backing of the vast right wing or the pajama bloggers, because 9/11 Truthism doesn't appeal to the conservative base.

Scratch a Ron Paul supporter and you find a tin-foil hat wearing, basement dwelling pillow biter that wouldn't know the truth even if it looked like a pizza slice.

Mr Minority