Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Out!

Some people have no grasp on reality (generally the Leftarded type), they think life is just one big Bugs Bunny cartoon, like this moron.
MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine police chased down an unfit thief on Tuesday after he ran out of breath and asked his pursuers for a "time out".

"He was panting and gasping for air when we caught up with him after a 500 metre sprint," Erwin Buenceso, one of the arresting officers, told local radio station dzBB.

Buenceso said the man and an accomplice broke into a house in the Philippine capital and stole two expensive mobile phones. Screams from the residence alerted a local police patrol, which gave chase.

The robber asked for a "time out" using hand signals.

After he regained his composure, police seized the two stolen phones and brought him to a station for questioning.

What can you say? What a Maroon!

Mr Minority

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