Friday, May 27, 2005

No to Long Knives, But Yes to Beastiality

Great Britain is spiraling down the values toilet with their Ban on Long Kitchen Knives and now with their approval of "Sex with Animals" on TV.
Clean-up TV campaigners seeking succour in Ofcom's new broadcasting rules suffered an immediate blow today when the regulator gave the all-clear to programmes about "sex with animals".

The comments by Richard Hooper, the Ofcom deputy chairman, came at the unveiling of its long-awaited new broadcasting code and will have had the regulator's spin doctors holding their heads in their hands.

Although Mr Hooper was at pains to point out that the new regulations will not give carte blanche to broadcasters, he said certain offensive material would be OK as long as it was shown at the right time and with suitable warnings.

"[What about] a programme about sex with animals? Yes, it's potentially possible. It all comes down to context," he said.

The new code, which will apply across all TV and radio networks, allows broadcasters to "transmit challenging material, even that which may be considered offensive by some, provided it is editorially justified and the audience given appropriate information".

Mr Hooper's comments recalled Channel 4 bestiality documentary, Animal Passions, which featured a man who admitted have sex with his pony and a woman who had sex with her dog.

Although it was cleared by Ofcom last year, it generated 75 complaints from viewers who said it "normalised bestiality" and could encourage copycat behaviour.

The broadcasting code is intended to give broadcasters more "creative freedom" and allow audiences more responsibility in deciding what they watch.

Sex on TV is a contentious point with a lot of people, and I believe it is a parent’s responsibility to control what their children watch, but broadcasting Bestiality on TV goes waaaaay over the edge of being a freedom of speech issue. For England's Ofcom to even think about allowing this type of programming to shown, demonstrates that they have lapsed into the Twilight Zone of the Valueless. There comes a point in which what you do in the "privacy of your own home" crosses over into the immoral and needs to be stopped and the offenders punished, and for England to allow this immorality on TV is just an enablement of people to perform immoral acts. I am just astounded that they would even think of allowing this crap to be shown, and I for one would be on their doorsteps screaming and waving a poster, because what are their showing children by enabling these type of sexual deviancy to be shown? Yes, England is headed for the toilet in their morality and they may one day wake up to the fact that their society is made up of deviants, welfare recipients, thugs and people that can't take care of themselves, because they expect the Gov't to do it for them. For a country that gave us Shakespeare, Lord Nelson, Dickens, and the Magna Carta, they have sure slid far into the sewers of Hell.

Mr Minority