Friday, May 27, 2005

Great Britain, Home of the Nannies

England created the word Nanny, and they have been evolving into a grand Nanny State, which wants to protect people from themselves and everything else. Now some UK doctors are getting into the game by saying that there is no use for long kitchen knives.
It's time to ban long kitchen knives because they serve no good purpose except as weapons, write doctors in the British Medical Journal.

The doctors, as part of their research into ways to reduce violence, say they consulted with leading chefs who said long knives were not needed for cooking.

Dr. Emma Hern, a specialist registrar, and D. Mike Beckett, an emergency medicine consultant, contend in their paper that a short knife may cause a substantial superficial wound if used in an assault, but is unlikely to penetrate to inner organs. But a long blade pierces the body like "cutting into a ripe melon."

"Government action to ban the sale of such knives would drastically reduce their availability over the course of a few years," wrote Hern.

Professor Anthony Busuttil, a Scotland pathologist, backed the medical journal report.

"All the statistics show that for the last 15 years, victims of stabbings, whether fatal or seriously injured, are caused by kitchen knives such as steak knives rather than knives bought specially for the purpose," is told the Scotsman.

But the restaurant industry reacted with horror to the report.

Long Kitchen Knives don't kill people, people kill people! Why a Gov't must ban a simple specific knife, because a small percentage were used in violent acts defies logic and reality. England’s Nanny State grows stronger with each Nanny law to "protect" the people, but in actually, are harming the people by limiting their rights. Nannists are not being altruistic, they are just being control freaks, reviling in their ability to control people's lives. One day, enough will be enough, and the people will revolt against these constant intrusions into their lives, and the Nanny State will crumble. God protect us from the Gov't that wants to "protect" us.

Mr Minority