Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flying With Little Damiens

Flying these days is stressful enough without having to put up with drunken passengers or screaming kids. I have flown with parents with small children that were well behaved and quiet, and then there are the little anti-Christs like this spoiled demon that cause the plane to be diverted.
A child's tantrum onboard a Delta commuter flight forced a pilot to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport.

The forced landing was caused by a fight over apple juice

A 4-year-old wanted apple juice and when the stewardess didn't get it quick enough, the child threw a tantrum, NBC 10 reported.

Because the Flight Attendant wasn't quick enough with the apple juice, this little devil's spawn threw a fit, created a havoc among the rest of the passengers and forced the plane to land. I would be pissed! And who is at fault for this? The parents is who I blame. If they had been raising their child with the proper discipline, then maybe this incident wouldn't have happened. This child is a product of liberal upbring, no corporal punishment, no laying out ground rules on behavior, and no saying "no" and meaning it. Bad parenting is the root cause for a lot of the social ills we are experiencing today in America. And kids raised by Liberals are the worst of the bunch. If I was Delta Airlines, I would dump the parents and the little Hell's Offspring at the airport, no refunds, and placed them on the no fly list, for life. There need to be consequences for this type of behavior, and both the parents and the brat need to suffer them.

God, I hate screaming kids on the plane.

Mr Minority