Monday, November 08, 2004

What is a Progressive?

I have seen it many times, the Left thinks that they are “Progressive” and the Right is not. What is a “Progressive” and what do they think being “Progressive” is?

Oh, I know:
- it's "progressive" to kill babies by scrambling their brains in the third trimester of a pregnancy,
- it's "progressive" to allow men to marry and spread AIDS,
- it's "progressive" to take away my Guns that the Constitution guarantees me in the Second Amendment,
- it's "progressive" to limit my Freedom of Speech because it's not Politically Correct and may hurt someone’s feelings,
- it's "progressive" to revise the School Books to eliminate some of the not so PC History and teach kids socialism,
- it's "progressive" to ban anything Christian but to allow Islam to be taught in Schools,
- it's "progressive" to use aborted babies for Embryonic Stem Cell research when Adult Stem Cells are being used and making all the progress,
- it's "progressive" to tax me to death and give the money away to Illegals and lazy people that don’t want to work,
- it's "progressive" to spike trees with nails to save them, which can kill a lumberjack,
- it's "progressive" to reward a Paparazzi Hack like Michael Moore for lying in his documentaries and chastise Mel Gibson for making the “Passion of Christ”,
- it's "progressive" to spit on Soldiers and call them Baby Killers” when they are putting their lives on the line for these same people,
- it's "progressive" to Hate America, but not move,
- it's "progressive" to burn the American Flag, when they live in the Country that the Flag represents,
- it's "progressive" to call Bush=Hitler, but not being able to call a Homosexual a queer,
- it's "progressive" to push Socialism, while living off of the spoils of Capitalism,
- it's "progressive" be a vegetarian, while wearing leather belts and shoes,
- and it's "progressive" to Kill Babies, while wanting to save Murders from the Gas Chamber.

If this is being “Progressive” then I am glad to be “NON-Progressive”, nor do I ever want to be.

Mr Minority