Friday, July 23, 2004

Think About It: I Think, Therefore I Am

One of my co-workers wore a T-shirt with that phrase on it today, Which got me thinking about this philosophical statement (which is hard to do, since I am an Engineer and we are more grounded in reality).

- Does the ability to realize cognizant thought justify sentiency?

What makes us sentient and not animals?

The answer I came up with, for myself, was - The Soul

The Soul is what seperates us from animals and what is the center of our being. The Soul also is where our moral values and knowledge of Good and Evil reside. The Soul was given to mankind by God, along with the Mind and the Heart. You think with your Mind, you feel with your Heart, but Soul is where your true center is and where the true make-up of your character emits from. If your are a Social Psycopath, your soul is very badly damaged, because you can not differentiate between Good and Evil, Right or Wrong. The Soul is the part of us that God will take to Heaven or will send to Hell based on our decision to follow Him. Believe it or not the Soul has a hole in it that man tries to fill with all sorts of things - Power, Riches, False Religions and Hedonism. The problem is that the Soul has a round hole, and those things are square pegs. Man has tried since the beginning to fill that hole with anything and everything, but only God can fill that hole with Himself.

Think About It
Mr Minority