Saturday, July 03, 2004

Happy 4th of July!! - Except in California

Tomorrow is a day all Americans should celebrate! Except the Calif. Dementocrats in the State Assembly don't belive in it.
Read the whole article, it will piss you off, but what caught my eye was the following statement:
Campbell said the Assembly has arranged for many "celebrations" on the floor orchestrated by Democrats, with singing and dancing, including Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day and Chinese New Year's Day.
But never once have we celebrated America's Independence Day, the 4th of July," he said.

Wow, the Donks singing and dancing for the Mexicans, Irish and Chinese but not Americans. Are they sure they want to actually be part of America? If they don't, we can alway arrange for them to "Split-off" from the rest of the country (say a Nuke on the San Andreas Fault would help them along). It really is this kind of crap that sends me off. They live in America, enjoy it's benefits and Freedoms, but don't even want to acknowledge the 4th of July, our National Holiday to celebrate the Birth of our Great Country and Day of Independence. When people have no appreciation of the Rights and Freedoms that we are blessed with by living here in America, I say take them away, and then let's see how they feel. If you were given steak and wine to eat/drink every day, then were given nothing but bread and water, I bet you would appreciate the steak.
Some of the Best Americans, that truly appreciate what being an American is about, are those who came from other countries and are working for or have earned American Citizenship. These are the kind of people we want here, not the spoiled brat Americans that take everything for granted and want more and more, and want to limit my Rights and Freedoms. People that work for something, appreciate it, those who it is giving to freely, take it for granted. I say keep the good foriegners (I should say future Americans) and strip these asshole Donks of their citizenship and ship them to Fwance.

God Bless American and Real Americans
Mr Minority

And Have Happy and Safe 4th of July