Monday, January 26, 2009

Enough of the Worshipping Already!

Last week was a surrealistic week in America, it a time set aside for 1/2 of America and the whole of the MSM to bow down, worship and anoint their messiah and install him into the White House.

The MSM was giddily drunk and gushing with praise for all things Obama.

Thank God I was flying all of Tuesday and only caught a tiny bit of the orgy surrounding the Ingratiation on CNN, while sitting in the airport waiting for my next flight.

But the next day, while perusing the free USA Today I had reached my BS limit when I found EVERY section of that rag had a pic & story of Obama on the front page, including the Sports section!!

He is just an inexperienced Libtard that was elected by idiots suckered into his rhetoric and empty promises of Hope & Change. He is not the messiah, he is not special in any way, and him being Black is something only racists would notice.

The idea of equality is to treat all people as equal, not one race as special over another. We are to ignore race when considering a person, not be swayed in our opinion because of it. But that is not what a majority of Americans or the MSM are doing. They are treating him special, just because he is a Black man. And in my eyes, that is wrong!

So enough with the worship orgy, start judging Obama based on his experience, his actions and what he plans on doing to our country.

Mr Minority

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