Thursday, March 29, 2007

Videos Worth Viewing

Thanks to the Intertubes, we are now able to view videos of not just music, cool stuff and idiots pulling jackass stunks, but we are able to view important videos of what people are saying, you know the stuff the MSM would never show or print. I have two such videos to link today.

The first video was brought to my attention by Bill in a comment on a posting (Thanks Bill, you did me a big favor linking that video). The videos is Evan Sayet speaking at the Heritage Foundation on "How Modern Liberals Think". It is long but worth the time. He explains how Liberals are not Stupid or Evil, they just want to debase all that is good and right and elevate what is bad and evil so there will be no more wars and poverty (I know that doesn't make sense to me either, but we are talking about Liberals).

The second video is posted over at the Innocent Bystanders called "Black and Right"., and was forwarded to me by Retired Geezer. It is a Black gentleman giving Liberals and the Donks hell for not supporting our men and women in the military in the War on Terrorism. He makes many salient points and is worth the time to watch.

Ya gotta love the intertubes for being able to keep informed without having to listen to the MSM.


Mr Minority