Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Much Angst in Leftieville - Still No Rove Indictment

It's been over 240 hours (weeeeellll past the original 24 hours, you flaming Moonbats) since the Leftist, not-living-in-reality, website TruthOut.org published a story by self-admitting liar, pot smoking, convicted felon, Leftist (which is the same as a self-admitting liar) journalist Jason Leapold stating that Karl Rove was handed an indictment by Fitzgerald for supposably lying in the Non-Outing Outing of Valerie Plame, wife of Traitor Joe Wilson. When the story first hit the 'net the Moonbats were partying like Al Gore had won the presidency, and since then, they have biting their pillows, trashing the walls of their basements, crumbling up their tinfoil hats in total frustration, because again, there was no truth to this fairytale story.

To really get the true spirit of the Left's meltdown you need to read the DUmmie FUnnies.

PJ's first posting was on the apparent jubilation of the Moonbats when they thought the story was true.

Then we have William Pitt, a true Jason Leopold believer, that pushed this story out on TruthOut.org, defending his day dream in DUmmieland.

Then somehow they actually grasped the reality of the situation when the original 24 hours had past.

But Wait! Pitt, defies reality and defends himself and the lame story again!!

And like true Kool-aid drinkers, they start to eat their own when they grasp the fact that they have been had by Leopold and Pitt.

And the Meltdown continues and then they grasp at straws and blame it on AG Gonzales, Rove and the Bush Adminstraion.

This has been one of the best Leftie Meltdowns I have seen since they went bezerko over the Botox Boy losing the 2004 Election. Yes, it has been great to watch, and if you are a good capitalist, you should be making some money off it too. Because the pillow biters will have to replace their Rainbow Brite pillows, the sheetrock will have to be replaced in Momma's basement and Alcoa will make a mint selling aluminum foil to make new hats.

Thank You PJ Comix for highlighting the Meltdown and interjecting your humorous comments.

Mr Minority