Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Illegal Aliens and Drivers Licenses

The Bleeding Hearts and Donks are crying about the new restrictions that are being posed for Drivers Licenses, in other words, Illegal Aliens are NOT eligible. With all their whining and crying, they neglect to tell you that having a Drivers License, even as an Illegal Alien, enable you to vote. Now that Arizona has enacted Prop. 200, the screening process it cleaning out the Illegals that shouldn't have been eligible to vote.
Stricter immigration laws now on the books in Arizona that require elections officials to check for proof of citizenship have uncovered thousands of new registrants who don't qualify to vote.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, state election officials credit the citizenship requirement contained in Proposition 200, the illegal-immigration initiative passed last November, for screening out the illegal voters.

In Arizona's Prima County alone, elections officials have rejected 59 percent of all applicants in the last two weeks - or 423 of the 712 new registrants.

"We rejected none during the same period last year," when six times as many people were registering because of the presidential election, said Registrar of Voters Chris Roads. "There was nothing in the law that required a rejection" last year, he explained.

Most voter registration forms rejected by Prima County since April 20, when officials started keeping track, were submitted by new voters who provided no valid proof of citizenship whatsoever, Roads said.

Despite the fact that it's illegal for non-citizens to vote, the rejections had Arizona Democrats up in arms.

Paul Eckerstrom, chairman of the Prima County Democratic Party, complained that forcing Arizona voters to prove their citizenship is "anti-American and anti-democracy."

"It's just another obstacle for voters to deal with," Eckerstrom griped. "The whole idea behind this thing is to suppress voter turnout."

He said Proposition 200's "real intent" was to make it difficult for voters - especially those inclined to vote Democratic - to cast a ballot.

This is a Law that ALL States should have on their books. As for Mr Donk and his whining of - "...forcing Arizona voters to prove their citizenship is "anti-American and anti-democracy."", if it weren't for you Donks trying to sign up Illegals, the Dead and criminals to vote, the law wouldn't be needed, but since the Donks are hell bent to cheat their way into power, the law IS needed.

And how about this Illegal Alien, with a Drivers License in Oregon.
A 24-year-old Mexican charged with the Oregon murder of a father and the shooting of his 16-year-old son in a home-invasion robbery is an illegal alien with an Oregon driver's license who has been previously deported from the United States.

Juan Carlos Solis is awaiting trial on 41 counts of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder, assault in the first degree, robbery in the first degree, robbery in the second degree and burglary in the first degree, along with at least three other suspects in the July 2004 home-invasion robbery of 12 farm workers.

Oregon and it's Bleeding Heart Lefties, not only let this upstanding Illegal Alien stay in their state, they gave him a Drivers License, and he repaid them by MURDERING a family and robbing others. This is why we need stricter controls, to filter out these undesirables from coming into the US. But no, the Bleeding hearts want to let everybody in. I say the Bleeding Hearts should stand trial with this slime-bag, because of them, a Father and his Son are dead. Clamp down on the Borders, filter the people wanting to come through, no Drivers Licenses, and no scumbags.

Mr Minority