Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Dem Election Protest

The LOSER Dems don't give up, even when they are out-voted. Last week Sen. Boxer just had to protest the Electorial College Certification making a fool of herself and the Dems. Well here we have a group still protesting the 2000 election (thanks to Brit Hume FoxNews).
Congressional Democrats may have raised a stir when the protested November's election results yesterday, but one group is still trying to overturn the 2000 election.

A federal PAC calling itself "Patriots For Gore" released a statement this week calling Al Gore (search) the "rightful president of 2000" and announcing that they're investigating "if there is a legal and constitutional way to restore that term to Vice President Gore."

The group has started an online petition on their Web site, adding that it will remain online "as long as it takes to see justice."

Delutional and LOSERS, they continue the 2000 Election Myth that Gore won. I put these nuts down there with the people that still believe that the Earth is Flat and that the Apollo 11 Moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood movie set. Some people have no lives, and are mentally unstable, thus they latch onto a "cause" or "theory", which has been completely disproven, and make it their lives. Patriots for Gore, how pitiful.

Mr Minority