Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why Does Kerry Alway Try To Look Manly, But Ends Up Looking Like A Geek?

There have been many pictures of John Kerry trying to look manly doing sports things. We have had the Windsurfing picture (in which he looked like he was going to crap his wetsuit), the football throwing picture (if that wrist was any limper, it would fall off), a baseball throwing picture (his stance was so effeminate that I am surprized the ball went 10') and now we have the soccer picture:

In this picture he looks like a squirrel that is caught in the headlights on a dark road. Look at the girls behind him, that are laughing, and it's not with him, it's at him. John Kerry is trying to project the "Manly" sports image, but he can't quite get it right. If he was smart (but he's not), he would quit trying, because the pictures make him look stupid. I am surprized that they don't have a lawn bowling picture, since that is an East Coast Rich Snob game, maybe he would look half-way coordinated in it, but then again, maybe not.

Mr Minority