Friday, September 17, 2004

More Evidence That Kerry Supporters are Nutcases

They are coming out of the woodwork like roaches after the lights go off. I am talking about the violent Kerry supporters. This one has caught the eye of the Secret Service.
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) - A City Council candidate who once brought a hatchet to a Planning Commission meeting got the attention of Secret Service agents because he distributed fliers advocating the assassination of President Bush.
The agents and a Ventura County sheriff's deputy showed up at this week's council meeting after council members learned of the fliers.

"We were concerned that if he came, we should be prepared for the safety of the council and residents," Mayor Bob Wilson said.
Daniel Avila, 25, admitted Wednesday that he handed out fliers at the city's Oktoberfest celebration stating, "President George W. Bush Deserves to Be Assassinated." The handbill also called for a sex attack on the president's twin daughters.

"Judging by what he's putting out, he's definitely worth watching," Cozzens said. "I'm concerned when anybody rants and raves like that."

Also in July, Avila spoke at a City Council meeting and held up bumper stickers advocating the killing of the president.

The peacefull Commies have shown their real colors, and the colors are Yellow for Cowardism and Red for the Blood they want to shed. Thank God I live in Texas and own lots of guns.

Mr Minority